Are you on business or simply entertainment? It is important where the trip will bring you, just choose the way you like and your prior destination.

We provide :

  • air tickets
  • bus transportation
  • any kind of car transportation and car rentals (with or without driver)
  • airport transfers

VIP service:

  • air taxi (commuter jet or helicopter) This transport is justly considered to be the most picturesque, secure, confidential and fast kind of travelling.
  • jets (jet planes) which are used for long-distance flights, mostly outside the country. Their unrefueled range gains up to 10 000 km, and the speed is 500-800 km/h. The minimum numbers of passengers are 6 persons, who may take with them on top of that up to 300 kg of luggage.
  • rent of yachts.

Our managers will help you to choose the  most comfortable way for your corporate team, family or just for you to travel.